Altitude co-operation with VDI

Over many years Thomas Keating has collaborated with Virginia Diode Inc - with TK providing Quasi-Optics and VDI source chains. Many of these combinations are found on ESR and DNP system operating around the world at frequencies above 100 GHz. Our colleagues Tom Crowe and Steve Jones organized a walk to see the top of Mount Rainier, on an trip run by Rainier Mountain Inc. TK's MD Richard Wylde and his brother-in-law William Wilcock were lucky enough to join the expedition. We took the nominally easy Disappointment Cleaver route.....   Climbing to the summit on the summer Solstice, we were very fortunate with the weather and, with Tom and Steve help, unfurled the TK Queen's Award flag at...
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CATR in Beijing

The CATR - a joint project between QMUL, BUPT and Thomas Keating -  has now been installed in the BUPT Lab in Beijing.  With operation designed to work all the way up to 500 GHz, using precision TK machined aspheric optics, good results (we understand) are flowing in.     The main 1 Metre diameter dish has an RMS accuracy - as displayed in this Mathematica analysis -  of 3.5uM.   In particular, the use of the TK design an manufactured Ultra-gaussian horns will define the beam in the system more precisely than previous generations of CATR's. There is a remarkable fit between the CORRUG mode matching prediction, and the measured result, kindly provided by QMUL The...
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New Jig Grinding Manager (September 2013)

Andy Bagley has taken over the position of Jig Grinding Manager alongside that of Sink Erosion Manager which he has held for the past 15 years. Andy has been with Thomas Keating since 1979, joining as an apprentice and then served time as a toolmaker.

New apprentices join Thomas Keating (September 2013)

Thomas Keating  welcomes Nick Stone and Thierry Chapman to begin their toolmaking apprenticeships. First year training will cover the manufacture of personal equipment using traditional skills to our proven designs dating back to the early 1940's.

Transition Edge Sensors arrive in ancient Rome

In September 2013, QMC Instruments Ltd. exhibited the revolutionary cryogen-free THz bolometer system technology at two major European conferences. From September 1st to 6th we were at IRMMW-THz 2013 in Mainz, Germany, and during following week at the 6th UK/Europe-China workshop on Millimetre Waves and Terahertz Technologies -  UCMMT13. The latter was held in the beautiful setting of the Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo, in Rome. We took this opportunity to create the image shown below which presents an interesting contrast between brand new technology and works of art more than 2000 years old.   

Moore-based ultra-precision 3D machining

The Moore Machine Tool company - over many decades of work  - dedicated themselves to mechanical accuracy. They made many of  the secondary mechanical measurement standards used by National Metrology labs around the world. For their Jig Grinders - essentially 2D machines -  they went to significant lengths to generate X,Y,Z axis orthogonality and lead screw precision. Many of our Jig Grinders are 30 Years old - normally you would expect such machine tools would be worn out, but given the forces-less process of jig grinding, the machine's casting are now fully stabilised, and no wear can be detected. The Moore 8400 machine imaged below was fully rebuilt for us in 2012 by 2 SQ b...
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