Weight of TK1813 cryostat reduced

  10th August 2012: In response to customer feedback, we have reduced the weight of our most popular helium bath cryostat - the TK1813 - by over 25%. A TK1813 now weighs just 14.5 kg empty, and 16 kg when full. Despite now being much easier to handle, other aspects of the design, including all safety features and a helium hold time of up to a week, remain the same.  

Final band 10 windows delivered to ALMA

7th March 2012: QMC Instruments Ltd. has delivered the final shipment of 80 vacuum windows for "band 10" of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) telescopes in Chajnantor in the Chilean Andes. These windows are anti-reflection coated and have very challenging requirements for the in-band transmission. We received the following comment from ESO: "The performance of these windows are of a high standard, just like the previous batch, and the non-compliances are minor. My congratulations to you and other QMC staff involved!"

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