DNP for the US Magnet Lab

Thomas Keating Ltd has won a 150 K USD order to provide the US National High Magnetic Field laboratory with a 395 GHz Quasi-Optic transmission line for a new Dynamic Nuclear Polarization instrument they are building.

Our job is to couple efficiently power from a gyrotron to the sample buried deep inside a high homogeneity superconducting magnet. The use of DNP to enhance NMR spectrometer sensitivity is generating great excitement in the structural biology community. 


Our subsystem will use

  • ·         Sum-of focal lengths frequency-independent optics  to transport the diverging Gaussian-beam output from the Gyrotron to the sample probe, over a distance of about 3M
  • ·         employ a beam tap-off with an electroformed corrugated horn to monitor the power of the beam.
  • ·         provide switched safety feature that dump the beam into a high-performance load.
  • ·         use 10u W wire-grid polarizer (WGP) based beam attenuation.
  •       A Martin-Puplett Interferometer will use a combination of moveable and static mirrors with WGPs to create the circularly-polarized microwaves used for efficient DNP coupling
  • ·         The beam will finally be focused into a low-loss HE11 corrugated circular waveguide that will provide an efficient transfer of microwaves inside the superconducting magnet’s bore.

July 2013



Moore-based ultra-precision 3D machining
Student Outreach 2013

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