Alzheimers Instrumentation at NIH

Alzheimers research at NIH

We have recently supplied a high frequency ESR bridge and innovative curved
waveguide feed for DNP mm-wave injection to the Tycko Group at the US
National Institute of Health, Bethesda. MD.

Dr. Robert Tyco and his instrumentation colleague Kent Thurber are exploring - 
so we understand - the growth of Amyloid beta peptide mats which are often
found in the brains of suffers from Altzheimers.

NMR can study the conformal properties of such peptides, but only in large
mats and do not have the sensitivity to look at smaller quantities. The
enhancement expected from the  use of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
offers that opportunity.

The images below shows the Magic Angle waveguide feed into the cavity

and here is an image of the Bridge itself - operating at 264 GHz and with novel
Quasi-optical Martin-Puplett interferometer allowing the injection of Circular
Polarization into the cavity - possibly generating a 3dB improvement in ESR
absorbed power.

Dr. Kent Thurber has kindly supplied us with their first DHPP results, indicating that
they have achieved ESR activity in the NMR magnet based system


High Frequency Circuit Simulator at TK

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