KVN Multiplexer progress in Korea

 Dr Han of the Korean Astronomical Observatory has reported good
progress with the Joint QMCI/TK Multiplexers which separates 22, 43, 89
and 123 GHz Bands. The first telescope of a set of inteferometric
linked instruments on the Korean Peninsular is now operating on the lower
two bands with very low loss and excellent channel co-alignment. 


QMCI and TK designed Optical Components on
their QO bench


The figures show a simultaneous measurements of Maser and H2O Maser
lines along with a beam patterns of Jupiter, giving the beam alignment.


Image of Jupiter at 43 GHz taken by KVN
telescope at Yonsei University in Seoul



Simultaneous measurements on Orion-KL of Water and SiO
Maser lines 





Maser B

High Frequency Circuit Simulator at TK

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