TK New Building Tour

By mid October 2008  - after a lot of hard work  - 95% of our
machinery was operational in our new building. The following
images provide a simple visual tour of the new factory:



The CMM measuring machine installed in the temperature
controlled Erosion area






 Wire erosion

Our main Agie wire machine




Our reserve Wire Machine - to be use for Grid frame manufacture




Our rack of three Agie sink erosion machines (we have a lot of Agie




And a set of Charmilles manual sink erosion machines



And - also set in a  temperature controlled area - our three Moore CNC
Jig Grinders.




 Here - in Trevor Walker's working office - you see our 500 Kg grid
winding machine


Now moving downstairs


a view of our 30,000 rpm Bostomatic High Speed mill, with a Sip Jig Borer
in the foreground


 And our other high speed milling machine - better at removing large volumes of material - a
DMG with 15,000 RPM spindle speed.




A view of the set of Super Precision Hardinge manual lathes - much used for feed horn production




And our large Jakobson surface grinder


Finallly - and less interestingly - back on the top floor, the main and
Richard Wylde's offices (we use paper as well as metal)


Main office above - Richard Wylde's office below.







High Frequency Circuit Simulator at TK

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