u Tolerance Milling Calibration

In late March, our three high speed CNC milling machines were two colour interferometrically re-calibrated
by CD Measurements Ltd.

Our new factory provides a much more stable environment for these machine tools, and very tight tolerances
were achieved, as follows


DMG 50 V:   1.46 uM in X, 1.37 uM in Y and 1.65 uM in Z











Secondly, our

Bostomatic:  3.2 uM in X, 1.57 uM in Y and 3.7 uM in Z










 and finally our - recently purchased

Matsuura: 6.96 uM in X, 5.69 uM in Y and 6.94 uM in Z










 The full calibration files are available here:


File for the    DMG report




File for the   Bostomatic report

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